Shut you up real fast.

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Silvia Grav

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forest_temple by Ben-Andrews

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"Your too fat."

"I didn’t know [insert character] was black!"

"Why don’t you do more black cosplays?"

"Cosplay to your size!"

"I don’t think that looks right on you, why don’t you cosplay [insert character] instead?"

"Why is [insert character] black? They’re not black in the show."

"You shouldn’t cross-play, it looks weird on you."

"Your boobs are too big for [insert character]."

To everyone who as ever posted a comment or question like this, my answer:

I am a black plus size female cosplayer, if you don’t like it… well honestly I don’t care. The more you comment like an idiot, the more it feeds my will power to prove I’m an amazing cosplayer, not matter what you say. I may have days, or even weeks when I feel down about myself, but that will never stop me from doing what I love. I may have large boobs, chubby stomach, double chin, hair on my face, dark spots around my face and body, and a flat butt, but I rock any cosplay I put on. So grow up, and get out of my face. <3

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Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

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Forever wondering if I am contributing to a conversation by using my own experiences or being self centered and rude.

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holy shit

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For my photography class I did series of self-portraits in which I attempted to portray culture and counterculture for the past 10 decades. This is the product of that idea…

this is SO COOL oh man

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talk dirty to me


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maybe the best vine ever

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when you say something funny and your friends laugh


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